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Locating and Mapping Essential Services

HCS provides underground service locating specialists for your infrastructure project. Our accredited and experienced team uses the latest technology and techniques to deliver a complete picture of the underground services on your project. Our technology can identify, confirm and map the underground services present on your project. Our data delivery can provide anything from simply 2D overlay all to way to an augmented reality solution.

It is critical prior to any excavation or penetration work that the exact underground service locations are validated to ensure the safety of this critical infrastructure and the personnel on the ground working closely with these services. Meticulousness care must be taken to avoid service strikes to ensure safety and to avoid substantial financial impacts on your business. Our team is experienced in the locating and protection of these critical underground services. Our underground service locating specialists provide your business with factual information on service locations to ensure a total visualisation of the underground infrastructure on your site.

Project Utility Locating and Mapping

  • Preliminary Underground Services identification
  • Mapping of Assets in 3D for Information and Design
  • Virtual Reality Model Creation for Real-time Site interaction
  • Management of Non-Destructive Digging Process
  • Borehole clearances for preliminary works

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

  • GPR structural investigation of slab on ground footing extents
  • Identification of non-metallic services throughout variable ground conditions
  • Identification of changes in subsurface geological formation
  • Void identification
  • Underground storage tank mapping and reporting

Delivery of data is of extreme importance when it comes to GPR as it is now so much more than a recognise and mark process. Raw location data is processed in house and  converted into any electronic format that is required.

Heavy Construction Solutions provides a start to finish program for your underground service location needs, from arranging the DBYD information to handover of a comprehensive electronic file and detailed drawings of critical underground infrastructure on your project.

Download our Underground Service Locating Brochure for more information about our expertise in utility locating and mapping.

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