Ground Penetration Permit Co-ordination

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Safeguarding your projects with qualified professionals

HCS employs only fully qualified Ground Penetration Permit Officers trained under national standards to deal with Underground Services Protection in Australia. HCS is also a Certified Locating Organisation (CLO), registered with DBYD to allow legal access to Telstra Infrastructure, as well as being accredited with Optus to allow legal access to their network and service infrastructure. All permit officers are also certified locators as part of our accreditation with DBYD.

Given the substantial increase in the number of underground service strikes on major infrastructure projects, construction has never been under higher scrutiny by both safety investigators and insurers voiding claims due to unqualified staff administering underground service safety procedures. The use of our accredited GPP officers ensures that the process of protecting workers from strikes and assets from damage is handled in a professional manner on behalf of your construction team.

HCS Ground Penetration Permit Officers

  • Are fully qualified under the current national standard required to “protect underground services”
  • Are certified under the HCS CLO registration by DBYD as “Certified Locators”
  • Are accredited to carry out works on Singtel Optus infrastructure as “Accredited Asset Locators”
  • Are familiar with the processes of asset owners and their protection and inspection requirements
  • Provide ongoing education of ground crews and engineering staff on the fundamental safety and protection of assets


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