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Unifying Major Project Design

HCS provides Digital Engineering Management Services, with experience gained over several decades working in major construction. We control the data process from initial design and field investigation through to provision of closure documentation. Our professional expertise guides your project through the significant risks that exist with the implementation of construction design. We review issues before they occur on site and create alternative design concepts that add to project profitability.

Throughout the project we report budgetary impacts design changes have instantaneously, removing the pain of unforeseen negative cost blowouts on projects. We audit the design as it is issued and revised to ensure a continuingly improving quality of design. Where cost savings can be made through alternative design – we produce conceptualisations to modify and reduce construction costs. We work closely with major design service providers to ensure that pragmatism and best practice for the design and construction process empower the project.

Our Digital Engineering Management Services federate and disseminate project information for production and reporting is critical to project success. As a business – we implement industry best practice to ensure full data capture for lot closure, practical completion and financial closeout. This results in significant costs savings to projects that would normally require secondary and tertiary information acquisition for closure and completion.

HCS also provides expert reporting in circumstances where a legal resolution is required between parties to ensure that entitlements under the construction contract have been paid. Our customised software efficiently collates elements of the design and quantifies them for contractual payment purposes. Payments item calculations include bulk quantities for earthworks projects, individual pavement areas and volumes, drainage system elements including pipes, pits and headwall (including their depth ranges and total volume of material required for trenching).

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