Essential Services - Investigation and Management

The protection of essential services is critical to our daily lives. Industry and Commerce depend on the continual operation of these energy and communication conduits to provide us with the services we rely upon.

HCS is fully accredited by National Service providers to investigate and protect this vital infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Services Engineering

We manage pre-planning works to verify service locations for clash detection and smart design, construction phase planning, service relocation and authority liaison, as well as final sign off on assets placed within your project.

GPP Coordinators

HCS manages the critical processes associated with ground penetration and asset protection. Our team are fully qualified under national competencies to “Identify, Locate and protect underground services.”

Service Locating

Our Telstra and Optus accredited underground service detection and mapping experts provide you with the knowledge and experience to identify and protect critical underground assets.

Concrete Scanning

We provide real time, precise insights into the elements, strength and composition of concrete structures to ensure the protection of your critical infrastructure works.

Structural Investigation

We use the latest technology to test, record and produce reports to verify the requirements of construction have been met – or to indicate the viability of those existing elements.

Laser Scanning

Our state of the art scanning systems and industry leading spatial and modelling professionals provide you with superior results for your STB, reality capture or special effects project.

Project Imagery and VR

Our CASA accredited pilots can fly your project to ensue that your team has access to your projects latest site conditions, as well as providing Virtual Reality on site vision of every asset to be constructed to ensure real world planning success.

Digital Engineering

Infrastructure projects require substantial integration and verification of information from many sources. Our team’s design verification experience ensures your projects success.

Underground Faults

HCS provides underground fault finding services for any project large or small. Our team uses the latest fault finding technology to determine the location of broken cables.

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