Concrete Scanning

Heavy Construction Solutions are experts in the field of concrete scanning, often called concrete x-ray or slab scanning. We provide our clients with fast and precise insights into the structure, strength and composition of their concrete structures. We give structural engineers, building contractors, forensic experts and concrete specialists the essential information they require and service multi-national companies, engineering and construction specialist, local and state government bodies as well as residential and small business clients.

Concrete scanning is a cost-effective solution for your construction or engineering project. We are a trusted service provider using the latest technology in the industry. Utilizing the latest GPR (Ground penetrating radar)/ concrete scanning technology to reduce the risk associated with trench cutting and core drilling. We are accredited with DBYD and Telstra to ensure we can minimize any risk associated with potential service strikes.

Whether we’re assessing the strength of a slab to accommodate a great load at a warehouse or reporting on the impact of holes drilled for cathodic protection, Heavy Construction Solutions can provide the critical information people need to make important decisions.

We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), in which electromagnetic pulses are used to provide an image of what lies within. This includes a combination of both Ultra High and low-Frequency (GPR) scanners that transmit radio waves from 250Mhz to 2.6Ghz to allow us to deliver the highest resolution imaging. Our state of the art scanners process the reflections that bounce back from within the structure being scanned. These reflections allow us to pinpoint reinforcement, services, boundaries between materials, defects and cracks and provide our clients with a window into the interior of the structure being scanned.

Because much of the information produced by our technicians is acquired in real time, we are often able to provide on the spot information about where services, reinforcement and defects lie. Images and interpretations of them are provided in a timely manner and the process of acquiring the information is safe, non-destructive and can be done without significantly disrupting the space being scanned.

Concrete Scanning - Melbourne Airport
Concrete Scanning - Melbourne Airport - Terminal 2

Concrete Scanning Applications

  • Detection of frequency and position of ligatures in structural beams.
  • Column analysis for ligature position and depth.
  • Non-Destructive testing for construction failure analysis.
  • Reinforcing steel positioning prior to drilling/coring.
  • Bridge Deck Analysis
  • Construction quality assurance

Concrete Scanning Experience

HCS have significant concrete scanning experience in various facets of infrastructure.

Our team has been engaged for concrete scanning requirements on facade investigations,  structural integrity checks and core hole clearances.

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