Our UAV pilots fly Major infrastructure projects producing Aerial Imagery at an unprecedented 3cm resolution.
Better imagery produces more confident results and a new way of looking at infrastructure for
our clients through the use of one of the worlds most sophisticated aerial imagery systems. our
client’s major infrastructure projects now benefit from the collection of survey data that
massively increases the surety that everything has been located, at the right accuracy and at a
substantially lower cost than conventional survey methods.
Right now, Australian infrastructure projects are benefiting from our UAV aerial imagery and expertise
in leading a pragmatic approach to information collection and historic archiving of project
We are defining better conversations with clients and infrastructure owners through
a new way of seeing their infrastructure spend and project progress.

CASA Accredited Pilots

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority requires remotely piloted aircraft flying at a height great than 120 metres be controlled by an accredited operator. During our flight operations we use aircraft that fly in excess of this height, and therefore have UAV operators who are fully accredited to fly safely under the legal requirements of CASA. These UAV operators are also responsible for flight planning associated with aerial imagery data capture to ensure high accuracy and exceptional quality for our clients.

The first and most fundamental step in providing a  professional service to ur clients. All flights carried out by HCS are done so by CASA accredited pilots to ensure compliance with Australia’s strict laws associated with the use of UAV aircraft.

To ensure exceptional results for our clients, all flights are pre-planned and simulated, to ensure that the capture of imagery exceeds the requirements of the given project. Our experienced flight operators use the worlds most advanced software to predict and guide our fleet of UAVs.

Dependent upon ground and air conditions, the data gathered from UAV aircraft is of the order of accuracy that can be obtained from conventional GNSS (GPS Survey) data. Information gathered from the use of UAV aircraft can be captured at approximately 1/10th of the cost of conventional surveys on large scale projects.

Our Advantage

The level of experience of our operators is unparalleled in Australia – our operators are fully engaged in the use of UAV aircraft on a daily basis. The fleet of aircraft used are some of the most stable and effective in operation. The software used for data reduction and production of Aerial imagery is the most advanced currently available. Imagery is also available down to an incredible 3cm resolution per pixel, providing our clients with the clearest view of their assets and projects available in the world.

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