The minimisation of the movement of material on an earthworks project is paramount to
efficiency of construction and minimisation of cost. Additionally, the modification of design
in conjunction with the volume of material to be moved can be a fantastic opportunity to
create a point of difference between tenders. As part of our process, initial earthwork
volumes are calculated, and then processed in the mass haul values to look for
opportunities in the modification of the design component of the tendering process.
Further assessment of the design can be made through an in depth understanding of the
required construction processes to ensure that the economy of the design is managed,
and the constructibility of components is understood by the design team. These two
design opportunities, in conjunction with a smarter means of material transport is the basis
for winning bids for our clients. The values of these results are then forwarded onto the site
and become part of the planning and process for construction. This ensures that site
operations follow the optimised processes created as part of the bid through the real time
supervision of plant and equipment.


It matters.

You can’t pretend your way through a tender.

We have exceptional experience in looking at projects through the eyes of those on the ground, seeing opportunities in the tender process, as we formulate ideas that come to fruition in an successful bid. It’s more than a numbers game. The difference is always in the approach to the challenge.

Let us show you how.


We’ve spent decades looking at a better way of doing things. Our team has some of the most extensive experience in the Australia Construction Industry at finding the best way to get the job done. It’s out of the square thinking that has always set our way of doing things apart. For major projects, our clients are always looking for an advantage to set them apart. Using some of the worlds most advanced software and experienced construction professionals, we can provide your tender with an unfair advantage.

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