The correct management and setup of machines is essential to a productive site. HCS
provides the following services to ensure that your site is error free and efficient from
day one. Data capture of site control for the localisation of the machine guidance
systems to your project coordinates and calculations to create file parameters for input
into machine control systems.

Broad Experience

Our experience in machine control management extends to Trimble, Topcon, Leica and Kommando systems. For over a decade we’ve been responsible for creating designs for machines and ensuring their smooth operation through dedicated support and operator training.

We provide a comprehensive modelling service for all Trimble, Topcon, Leica and Commando machine control systems. Verifications are done to remove common errors in design and then the subsequent information is forwarded (or uploaded directly to your machines using our remote capabilities) to ensure smooth operation of your project.

The extensive experience of our staff on your projects provides your fleet with the ability to be running at the optimum level of operation. Our team has extensive experience in dealing with common issues on projects, to ensure that the long wait for a service team to arrive can be removed in most circumstances. We ensure that machines are calibrated using the correct techniques, at appropriate intervals and also troubleshoot operational issues to allow continuous fleet operation.

The establishment of base stations on site is a fundamental requirement for machine control and site survey works. The service includes a full set-up of the site base station with a licensed frequency approved the Australian Communications and Media Authority. In high-density areas, an alternative set-up can be made to ensure operation – where an ACMA license for broadcast is not available for machine control equipment.


We create the designs and manage data for machine control systems on a daily basis. Operator training is done as part of our daily rounds, to ensure that the site runs smoothly, and that operators feel more confident about using the systems at their disposal. We solve problems on site, without the need to wait days for “dedicated” support. Our services provide support from the very start – establishment of base stations and purchases of frequencies for machine operation – through the entire life cycle of the project.

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