Survey Management and Engineering Survey Services

HCS has significant experience in Survey Management and Construction Surveying services for major infrastructure projects.

Our expertise comes from over 2 decades of working on major infrastructure projects, predominantly with tier 1 contractors on some of Australia’s most interesting and varied projects. We’ve had exposure to state of the art systems and know exactly what’s expected in major contracts.

We use of state of the art survey equipment, software and systems to deliver quality Survey Management and Construction Surveying Services throughout Australia..

Quality, Safety and Environment

These three pillars of our business standards provide our clients with the peace of mind that our teams operate to the highest quality standards, are aware of the dangers of the construction industry and think their way through a day to arrive home safely. These standards also ensure our staff are aware of the impact that their actions on site may have on the environment within and surrounding their project area.

Our quality systems focus on ensuring the repeatability of high quality work, it’s documentation and reporting to the standards set by our clients and the relevant State and Federal Stakeholders. Our systems are under constant review and are available for inspection by our clients at any time.

Construction is a dangerous place. We’ve worked on some of the most testing projects that the Australia Construction industry has built. Everyone in the team understands their personal responsibilities and to those around them. Our systems provide the highest level of support to ensure that every employee who leaves home, returns home.

We’re conscious of the impact that a project and the people who work on it can have on the environment. We strive to conserve and minimise our impact on the world in which we live. Our systems not only address the physical impacts that our workforce may have, but also the ability of our business systems to conserve and become more efficient in the utilisation of all products and services that we come in contact with.


We have worked for, and with, Australia’s leading civil Engineering and Construction business. There’s an expectation that exists at that level of business that is all about how to get things done. We understand how to produce exceptional outcomes under time and financial pressure. Being part of the team and working toward the same goals are all part of the service.

Our people are about progress and communication. We understand the standards set by stakeholders, the requirements for quality, safety and environmental compliance, respect for the communities in which our projects impact and the benefit we provide to the community through our dedication to being a true equal opportunity employer.

If you’re looking for a team that understands their role and responsibilities, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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